Dolphin Clinic Massage & Body Oil- Stretchmark Prevention

$15.00 $20.20

Cold pressed carrier and healing oils blended with a complex combination of pure essential oils. Each luxury massage oil has been expertly formulated with the most effective pure essential oils and carrier/healing oils in exactly the right proportions to provide all the benefits you need. Use as massage oils, healing oils and/or in the bath.

Blend: Neroli, Lavender and Mandarin with Wheatgerm and Vitamin E added to a Sweet Almond base.

Caution: Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy. Use a straight carrier oil if you are concerned about stretchmarks in the first 12 weeks (e.g. Almond, Apricot oil)

Useful for: A mother in waiting. Apply regularly wherever stretchmarks may occur (predominantly abdomen, breasts and buttocks). Safe to use from second trimester. Completely natural oils, no harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients or fragrances. Ideal for sensitive unborn babies.


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