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DESCRIPTION: Sodium Carbonate as Soda Ash DENSE 99.2% Min Grade. This is a more concentrate Carbonate than Washing Soda or Soda Ash "light" and is also a finer power so I find it works better for making Laundry powders and other cleaning products as it dissolves more easily and you use less.

* "Crystal" type Sodium Carbonate is NOT Soda Ash- it is Washing Soda, they are not the same thing, Soda Ash Dense is more concentrate and is a powder. Some vendors are not describing their product accurately so please be aware of this.*

Soda ash is the common name for sodium carbonate.

Sodium carbonate is a natural water softener and prevents hard water from bonding with the detergent, allowing it to be distributed more evenly during the washing cycle. It also demonstrates an ability to help remove buildup, helping remove alcohol and grease stains from clothing, as well as calcifications in everything from coffee pots and espresso makers to boilers and hot water heaters. Running a solution of sodium carbonate and water through these systems from time to time will help prevent the minerals in water from building up in them and keep them functioning at their best.

Soda ash can also be used to increase the alkalinity in swimming pools. It can be used in Fibre Reactive Procion dyeing to help the dye bond to the fabric effectively. Photographers also use a sodium carbonate solution as part of the photo development process.

Its a pretty handy powder!

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