"Briars" *Scented* Concentrate Eco-friendly Laundry Powder 1kg


DESCRIPTION: Do you want to give home-made Eco-friendly, Low Allergy laundry powder a go but don't want to buy all the ingredients or spend the time making it? no worries- we've done it for you! This is the Original "Briars" laundry powder- tested extensively for safety and effectiveness.

Created to our Original Recipe that has been developed and used by me personally over the the last 6 years- others may imitate but we have done the testing of time! It is safe and effective on the whole families laundry, including MCN's (Modern cloth nappies)- it rinses clean, deodorises, anti-bacterial, has excellent soil removing power and is gentle on clothes. This formulation rivals expensive MCN focused powders on the market and can be used for defunking strip washes. Even hard water is no match for this powder!
*Completely safe on septic systems and gentle on the environment.*

Because it has no fillers, perfumes or nasty irritants, this is a very low allergy option for sensitive people.

It is a concentrate powder so you only need to use 1 tablespoon per normal load. 1 Tablespoon is 20gms so approx 50 loads per 1kg- you may find you don't need to use a full tablespoon though.

With Unscented powder you may find it takes some getting used to the smell of clean, non perfumed laundry but it is worth it! You can always jazz it up with a couple of drops of essential oil in your powder dispenser if you wish- my favourite is Dolphin Clinics "Sheer Bliss".


We now also offer a range of powders that have been scented with essential oils. These have a beautiful smell when you open them but may only leave the faintest of smell on your washed and dried laundry.


  • Relax- Blend: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Sandalwood and Patchouli essential oils.
  • Blissful- Blend: Rosewood, Palmarosa, Orange and Neroli essential oils, & Jasmine fragrant oil.
  • Rose Garden- Blend: Rosewood and Palmarosa essential oils and Rose aromatic and fragrant oils.
  • Exotic Lavender- Blend: Frankincense, Lavender, Lime, Rosewood and Sandalwood essential oils.
  • Sweet Spice- Blend: Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils.

**please note that this powder is not suitable for delicates such as wool or silk. I have been using it for over 6 years now and have found it to be excellent at cleaning the entire families laundry (can even use it in the dishwasher), completely safe for septic systems, low allergy and safe on most fabrics and colours. HOWEVER- you use this powder at your own risk... if you aren't sure about certain fabrics then it pays to be cautious and do a test run.

We can supply the ingredients for making this powder yourself:
Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash Dense)

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